Punks and the USA Christian Right

I couldn’t resist this opportunity to point out that humanists, atheists and secularists are not alone in their passion to keep state and religion separate. Henry Rollins, hero of the punk movement, stand up performer and host of his own TV show, has given a passionate defence of Evolution and a damning critique of Intelligent Design and the Christian Right in the USA. Punk as a movement has always been concerned with personal freedoms and autonomy from the state so religious freedoms and freedom from religion naturally fall into that.

If you are offended by strong language and swear words then this may not be for you, but if you’re feeling particularly frustrated with Creationism then this may well help you let off some steam in a harmless fashion. Despite the occasional strong language, it is eloquent and well articulated. The clip can be viewed here.

If you’re feeling ready for another dose of punk, then the Queercore all lesbian Team Dresch might appeal. Homosexuality is another favourite target of the US Christian Right and an attack on one’s sexual orientation and behaviours is particularly personal. It is under these circumstances that Team Dresch created a song titled ‘Hate the Christian Right’, although I should point out that this is never a lyric in the song and in no part of the song does it even mention or advocate hate for religious groups. You can listen to the song on their mySpace page.

I hope it’s been fun and informative to look at another movement and subculture and that people haven’t been too offended by any strong language or loud music they’ve encountered. I always have a soft spot for punk with its D.I.Y ethic and energy. Oh! I almost forgot to mention the ‘What would Henry Rollins do?’ design by Mitch Clem creator of the first punk webcomic Nothing Nice to Say.

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