Pride Glasgow 2008

On Saturday (August 30th), the University of Edinburgh Humanist Society attended Pride Glasgow and the Not-Quite-So-Friendly Humanist has a report and pictures. We hosted a stall with friendly faces and materials on humanism and human rights, with support and encouragement from the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association and the Humanist Society of Scotland.

It seems to have become a rather sad tradition that I initiate and organise our attendance and then find myself unable to be there on the day. However, it is very important to me to have humanists attending pride and celebrating diversity and supporting human rights.  The personal arenas of sexuality and gender identity are still particularly targeted by religious belief and intolerant attitudes and humanists have a responsibility and opportunity to address this. In fact, humanists in the UK have been offering same sex affirmation ceremonies since 1987. Outside of religious edict and conservative traditional views, there is no logical reason to object to or enforce any kind of sexuality as long as it’s consenting, and likewise with gender. Sex, love and gender are of great importance to the individual, but society and religion have no place dictating individual behaviour in these matters.

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