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All aboard the Atheist Bus?

Recently, there has been great excitement surrounding the campaign for advertising posters with atheist messages on London buses. The excitement comes not just because of the what but also the how. Back on June 10th this year, comedian and journalist Ariane Sherine, wrote a post on the Guardian’s Comment is Free website bemoaning her frustration and irritation with encountering evangelising messages on buses, billboards and other advertising. Sherine rang advertising standards to complain and was informed that citing religious scripture from the bible was permitted, so she decided that there needed to be some positive atheist messages available too. Her suggestion, “There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and get on with your life”, struck a chord with many non-believers and the flood of comments became a mound of pledges which evolved into a fundraising success which startled even the professional fundraisers and campaigners.

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Foot-in-Mouth Outbreak

I don’t normally feel the need to write criticism of religious figures but lately there seems to have been an outbreak of foot-in-mouth disease in the Church of England. I am referring in particular to the comments of Reverent Peter Mullen and Reverend Wallace Benn.

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Blogroll added

Just a little note to say that I’ve added a list of blogs I read and enjoy to my sidebar. They’re a mix of atheist, humanist, Christian and agnostic bloggers and thinkers. I’m also planning to make some other little additions to the site in the near future.

Sexperience UK

I was cooking dinner at a friend’s house with the television on for background noise when the show Sexperience UK came on. So while the pasta cooked and the sauce simmered I found myself watching it, and I have to say that I am impressed! Sexperience UK is a sex education show aimed at a general audience and ties in with a comprehensive website where visitors can share their sexual experiences and thoughts and also watch educational videos on various themes. The show and website both highlight the high rates of STIs and teenage pregnancies and argue for the need for compulsory and comprehensive sex education in the UK.

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New Humanist Podcast!

Good news! The New Humanist magazine has started recording its own podcast. So far the podcasts are short and sweet including interviews from an Anonymous protest in London against Scientology, and comedian Robin Ince explaining why he is organising a secular celebration of Christmas in response to the perpetual myth that atheists/rationalists/secularists are out to sabotage and eliminate Christmas. There are also the nine nominations for the New Humanist Bad Faith Awards, and voting is now open for this year’s most scurrilous enemy of reason.

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