The O Project

Last week, I wrote about the Atheist Bus Campaign, and one of the main ideas that rose out of the discussion surrounding it was the need for positive messages and actions association with Humanism. Enter the O Project. Founded in 2005 by British humanist Hamish MacPherson, the O Project has two main aims.

1. To champion the contributions that humanists and other non believers make to wider society in the fields of social justice, equality and human rights.

2. To promote good relations and cooperation between believers and non believer

Fantastic! Just what we’ve been talking about. There are lots of resources and opportunities to get involved including videos, interviews, links, suggestions, quotes, a calendar of relevant dates and profiles of non-believers who have made a difference. There’s also the “100 100 100” initiative which is seeking 100 people to pledge their support for the O Project and its aims, then 100 humanists and non-believers to be involved in interfaith/interbelief work and finally 100 volunteers to get involved in good causes. So far, they have more than 100 people signed up to support the O Project aims but there’s still an opportunity to add your name. I would definitely like to get involved with their future work.

I strongly suspect that many non-believers and agnostics are already involved in volunteering and worthwhile causes but an initiative such as this serves as a great way to highlight their contributions. At a time when the discourse on religion and society has become quite confrontational and heated, the O Project comes as a breath of fresh air reminding us of the benefits of working together and the good we can do as people of all faiths and none.

I learnt about the O Project thanks to Nullifidian and a link on their website.

*link updated!*

2 Responses to “The O Project”

  1. 1 Tim Maguire December 14, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    fascinating idea, This.
    I tried to click through to the O Project site but i keep getting “site not found”. i hope it’s only a temporary server issue as i’d like to know more.


  2. 2 Clare December 14, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    The O Project link should work now! It looks like the address was no longer working but the address is working. Unfortunately the address seems to come highest in a google search, so be careful of that. Enjoy!

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