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The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies is here!

Last year, I wrote about an inaugural conference for secular students which brought together atheist, humanist and secular students from throughout the UK. I am pleased to say that this first meeting has blossomed into a new organisation: the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies (AHS).

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Flying the banner for a secular Europe

This Saturday I found myself carrying one half of the British Humanist Association banner at the London Demonstration for a Secular Europe. Just to clarify, the aim of the demonstration was not to create a Europe with no religion, but one where religion and politics are separate so that all religions and worldviews are treated equally and no one religion has a privileged position.

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Thought for the World returns!

The secular alternative to the BBC’s Thought for the Day is back for another year. The Humanist Society of Scotland has lined up some great speakers including Prof. A.C. Grayling, Claire Rayner, Mark Thomas and even Jonathan Bartley of the religious think tank Ekklesia. Looks like a promising mix and who knows who else is waiting in the wings. The first topic was free speech as addressed by A.C. Grayling and I highly recommend it. To listen to or follow the two weeks of ‘thoughts’ visit the Thought for the World website or have a listen at the Guardian’s Comment is Free website.


Speaking of bus adverts…

This whole brouhaha about the Atheist Bus advertising campaign reminded me of something I came across recently. Sonya Renee, an American spoken word artist, encountered a piece of advertising on a bus sponsored by religious Pro-Life organisations and this is her response performed at the World Poetry Slam Finals 2006. Be prepared for fast-paced, hard-hitting delivery and use of the s*** word here and there. It’s an incredible performance, go watch it!