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Some more shout outs

It’s time I made some long overdue updates to my blogroll. there are some interesting folks I’d like you to meet.

Alms for Ashes is the new blog from another young british atheist who was a founding member of the National Federation for Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies (AHS). Under the name Mennochio he expounds his thoughts on atheism, skepticism and social critique. Enjoy.

Samantha Stein is the founder and director for Camp Quest UK. After volunteering for Camp Quest Michigan in 2007, Samantha decided it would be a good idea to bring the idea to the UK. The first Camp Quest UK successfully took place this year and attracted a lot of media interest. This is but the first step to atheist superstardom…

Andrew West was the man of the hour on the Atheist Plinth who taught a ragtag bunch of atheists, humanists and passersby the choreography to ‘Thriller’ as a celebration of atheism and dance. He studies photography and is currently the official photographer for the Brtish Humanist Association. Keep an eye out for his upcoming projects.

The Atheist Plinth

On Sunday 4th August, the Atheist Bus Campaign moved onto the next level. As part of the One and Other project, excellent photographer for the British Humanist Association and all around nice guy Andrew West took an original atheist bus sign onto the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square and taught the assembled crowd the choreography for the Michael Jackson song Thriller as a celebration of atheism and dance. I was lucky enough to be there and experience the thrill first-hand.

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