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Interning with a humanist organisation

At the beginning of the year I spent three months volunteering at the British Humanist Association (BHA) as a part-time intern. The internship consisted of helping the campaigns team as a campaigns assistant, as well as helping with events and other tasks. I thought it might be useful to share my experiences and explain how it came about for anyone else who is curious or interested in working for a humanist organisation.

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Humanism Universe

Apologies for the intermittent updates at the moment, I’ve been a little busy lately. In the meanwhile, I’d like to recommend the Humanism Universe site on Netvibes which has been created by Bob Churchill of the British Humanist Association. Basically, it’s a portal for all sorts of media, sites and people related to humanism and it’s maintained by the British Humanist Association. Various pages gather together newsfeeds and blogs related to humanism, secularism, religion, the BHA, science, arts and culture and plenty more. There are also newsfeeds for distinguished supporters of the BHA so it’s a great way to get an overview of what humanists are saying and thinking right now, be they politicians, authors, scientists, you name it. So go on over and take a look around! Don’t forget to send them a link to your humanist blog if you are a BHA member or send them suggestions for good sites they might have missed out.

Visit Humanism Universe.

All aboard the Atheist Bus?

Recently, there has been great excitement surrounding the campaign for advertising posters with atheist messages on London buses. The excitement comes not just because of the what but also the how. Back on June 10th this year, comedian and journalist Ariane Sherine, wrote a post on the Guardian’s Comment is Free website bemoaning her frustration and irritation with encountering evangelising messages on buses, billboards and other advertising. Sherine rang advertising standards to complain and was informed that citing religious scripture from the bible was permitted, so she decided that there needed to be some positive atheist messages available too. Her suggestion, “There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and get on with your life”, struck a chord with many non-believers and the flood of comments became a mound of pledges which evolved into a fundraising success which startled even the professional fundraisers and campaigners.

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British Humanist Association Education Website Launch

The British Humanist Association have launched a new website with education resources for teaching Humanism in schools. This is great news! What with the Humanist Society of Scotland launching its education strategy and the launch of the Humanist Academy, there is now a plethora of materials available for learning about Humanism. Teachers, parents and pupils alike can look around and choose the most relevant materials for them. So what does the new BHA website have to offer?

Following the recommendation in the 2004 National Framework for RE that Humanism be included as an example of a non-religious worldview, the BHA have created resources for pupils from 5 to 16 years. These resources are provided on the new Humanism for Schools website which includes teaching toolkits, humanist perspectives, a library and some assembly ideas. There are six toolkits ranging from what humanists celebrate to discussing how we tell right from wrong. Resources include video clips, worksheets and powerpoint presentation materials. There are even appearances from the popular children’s author, Philip Pullman.

I certainly haven’t read all the materials but it looks quite promising. The site design is pretty clean and easy to navigate with some simple pictures to liven it up. I’m also pleased that there’s a diverse range of humanists represented with regards to age, gender and ethnicity. I’d love to know what other people think of them. Please feel free to comment!