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Cardiff Humanists!

Tonight I went along to my first meeting of the Cardiff Humanists group. I arrived late and so missed the formal discussion topic but was just in time for the poll on future topics and the free for all discussion. There were twelve of us in all gathered at a spacious city centre pub with no music to hinder our conversation. The miscellaneous topics ranged from the recent Patrick Jones poetry debacle, Sharia law, faith schools and anonymous protesting scientology, to free speech, possible atheist protests and children singing christmas hymns, plus many, many more things beside. All in all, there was plenty of lively debate and good humour. Having already introduced myself on the mailing list, I was asked to talk a bit about what Edinburgh humanists were doing and about humanist blogging. It was a friendly, inquisitive and welcoming group and I’m looking forward to the next meeting. Feel free to come join us! They also have a newsletter and a facebook group. Maybe next I should seek out the Cardiff University Atheist & Agnostic Society