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Tomorrow, In a Year

Earlier today I stumbled across the news that Swedish pop group ‘The Knife‘ have been commissioned to write an opera about evolution in honour of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of the Species’. When I say that I can’t even imagine what this is going to be like, I really mean it. The Knife have earned a reputation with catchy but somewhat disturbing electro pop tunes (That’s probably the first and last time you’ll ever find me using the term ‘electro pop’; electronica, yes, electro, no, but I digress).The group garnered international attention after an arrangement of their song ‘Heartbeats‘ covered by fellow swede José González won over audiences as part of a charming cinema advert for the Sony Bravia television. The production, ‘Tomorrow, In a Year‘, will involve three singers from differing musical backgrounds (electronica pop, classical opera and performance) as well as six dancers performing choreography created by Hiroaki Umeda. It is certain to be a spectacle, whatever you make of it. Unfortunately, the production will not be touching these shores with shows taking place in Denmark, Switzerland and Germany only. Nevertheless, various online music media are highly excited.

Storm in a Teacup

I’m a little late getting to this but I still feel it’s worth talking about. On Sunday 14th September, Reverend Dr Malcolm Brown made headlines with his essay “Good religion needs good science“. In the essay, Rev Dr Brown discusses how science is not necessarily incompatible with Christianity, warns of the dangers of social darwinism and makes an apology to Charles Darwin on behalf of the Anglican church, that is, the Church of England. I confess that what interests me more than the essay or apology itself is the reaction to it.

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Expelled: No intelligence allowed?

This month, Canada will see the release of the controversial film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. The film is a documentary presenting the case that Intelligent Design has been unfairly excluded from consideration by the scientific community and is hosted by the actor Ben Stein. Its opening weekend in the USA made it their third biggest opening documentary, and at this point it is the twelfth largest grossing documentary film. However, the film has been surrounded by controversy and lawsuits from its production to its claims, and was very poorly received by film critics.

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Evolution vs. Intelligent Design debated

This Friday the University of Edinburgh Humanist Society and the Humanist Academy jointly hosted a debate entitled “Are we here by Chance, or by Design… or should we ask deeper questions?”. Speaking for Evolution were Professor Roger Downie (Zoology Dept, Glasgow University) and John Wiltshire (Mathematical Physicist,Systems Engineer). Speaking for Intelligent Design were Dr. Alistair Noble (Chemist, Educational Consultant) and Dr. Alistair Donald (Church of Scotland Minister, PhD Environmental Science). Each team of speakers were given 30 minutes to present their arguments, 15 minutes to respond to their opponents’ presentations and then 30 minutes were left for questions from the floor. I was glad to see these issues being properly debated by a well-qualified panel. My only encounters with Intelligent Design theories so far have been the usual extremists and Creationists so I was looking forward to seeing the actual hypotheses presented to the scientific community and their responses.

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