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Persepolis in the cinema!

Yesterday, I finally got to see the film adaptation of Marjane Satrapi’s ‘Persepolis. Persepolis is an auto-biographical story about growing up in Iran during the revolution. I am a huge fan of the original comics, as well as her other works. Satrapi draws bold images, full of blocks of colour and an exotic style which really give flavour to her work. What makes this film particularly exciting is that it was written and co-directed by Satrapi herself and her fellow comic artist Vincent Paronnaud.

So how did it fare on the big screen? I loved it! The art looks great and it was a pleasure to see the characters move and interact on screen. I saw a screening with the original French soundtrack and the voice acting fits perfectly. The English subtitle translations seem good too.

The story is a mix of her experiences growing up and the political situation around her. In fact, it is impossible to separate the two. Every aspect of her life from her relationships to her music tastes are permeated by the politics around her and her identity as an Iranian. Similarly, observing their everyday lives, it is clear to see how the religious is the political. Satrapi is also blessed with having an intelligent and caring family, who are always ready to explain things and let her express her views. Life is not always easy and Satrapi tries to tell it like it is without glamorizing tragedy or covering up her faults and mistakes. I almost forgot to mention that she has a wicked sense of humour and is unafraid to speak her mind, so if you’re imagining some kind of quiet, subservient, muslim girl, think again…

If you want to see a fantastically animated, absorbing tale of an intelligent, feisty girl growing up with the Islamic Revolution and much else besides, then head along to your local cinema now!

That Intelligent Design DVD…

I blogged a while ago about a debate on the topics of Intelligent Design and Evolution, and mentioned how the Intelligent Design speakers opened by showing 15 minutes of a DVD presenting their viewpoint. Well, it turns out that the same film‘Unlocking the Mystery of Life’ was shown by the Edinburgh Creation Group at a meeting last night. The Not Quite So Friendly Humanist went along and has a few things to say about it on his blog. Despite the title, he is a nice, friendly person with a good sense of humour and he’s also a fellow Edinburgh student humanist so do go over and read his posts.

The Golden Compass

Yesterday, the university Humanist Society and friends went to see ‘The Golden Compass‘ on the big screen. ‘The Golden Compass’ is the film adaptation of ‘The Northern Lights’, the first book of Phillip Pullman‘s ‘His Dark Materials’ series. The books really are excellent, so we were quite excited and nervous about how the film would compare.

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