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Humanism Universe

Apologies for the intermittent updates at the moment, I’ve been a little busy lately. In the meanwhile, I’d like to recommend the Humanism Universe site on Netvibes which has been created by Bob Churchill of the British Humanist Association. Basically, it’s a portal for all sorts of media, sites and people related to humanism and it’s maintained by the British Humanist Association. Various pages gather together newsfeeds and blogs related to humanism, secularism, religion, the BHA, science, arts and culture and plenty more. There are also newsfeeds for distinguished supporters of the BHA so it’s a great way to get an overview of what humanists are saying and thinking right now, be they politicians, authors, scientists, you name it. So go on over and take a look around! Don’t forget to send them a link to your humanist blog if you are a BHA member or send them suggestions for good sites they might have missed out.

Visit Humanism Universe.