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Humanist Symposium 47

Welcome to this almost solstice edition of the Humanist Symposium blog carnival! (Dec 21st is the Southern Solstice)

As this is the last symposium of this year, I thought I might take a brief look back. And what a year it has been! In January, the first buses took to the streets of London, UK, bearing the adverts that launched a worldwide movement. Atheist advertising campaigns sprang up all over the globe: the USA, Australia, Italy, Spain, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand. In February, people across the world celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his seminal work On the Origin of Species which presented his arguments for the theory of evolution by natural selection. In May, the world was introduced to Darwinius masillae, a.k.a. Ida, amidst a whirlwind of publicity. This 47 million year old fossil is thought to be a transitional form between the prosimian and simian primates, although this is still being debated. Finally, a recent NASA mission has found significant amounts of water on the moon. This raises the likelihood that bases could be built on the moon, facilitating future exploration of the solar system.

If all this isn’t enough excitement for you, then we have a bumper edition of the Humanist Symposium to keep entertained and informed over the holiday season.

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The 42nd Humanist Symposium is here!

The 42nd Humanist Symposium is ready to read over at The Greenbelt. I have an older piece in there on Diversity and there are contributions from authors all over the web on a wide range of topics from atheism to torture and sex to common sense. Is 42 really the answer to life the universe and everything? You’ll just have to see for yourself! Don’t forget that you can submit your articles to the Humanist Symposium blog carnival or offer to host an edition.


34th Humanist Symposium is up!

The latest edition of the Humanist Symposium blog carnival is up.  This 34th edition has plenty of good reads and a rather lovely introduction from the host Atheist Revolution. It also includes my post ‘What can humanists learn from religion?‘ so go on over and have a read. If you find it interesting and inspiring why not submit something of your own or have a go at hosting it.


Humanist Symposium #27

For this halloween edition of the Humanist Symposium I welcome you to the craggy, grey and gothic city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Some claim that Edinburgh is the most haunted city in the UK and perhaps in Europe too. Indeed, there are numerous ghost tours and the University of Edinburgh itself is renowned for its long established Parapsychology research group. However, Edinburgh also played a key role in the Scottish Enlightment, an explosion of intellectual and scientific accomplishment including great thinkers such as atheist philosopher David Hume who was born in Edinburgh. Today, there is a flourishing humanist community with a local group of the Humanist Society of Scotland and an active student Humanist Society. So without further ado, I bring you to our present contributions…

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The author recommends…

Things are a little crazy around here as I’m preparing my PhD thesis for submission, so I would like to direct your attention towards some other nuggets of humanist thought and wordsmithery.

First off, I recommend a visit to FreeThought Fort Wayne, who are hosting the 25th Humanist Symposium blog carnival. There’s a whole bunch of interesting stuff which I haven’t had time to read yet, and it also includes my piece about Humanism and Polyamory.

Second, the Friendly Humanist and the Not-Quite-So-Friendly Humanist have published their first columns for the Humanist Society of Scotland magazine ‘Humanitie’. The idea is that they present two different perspectives on a set topic. They’re starting off big and discussing death for their first outing.

Finally, it’s Freshers’ Week here at the University of Edinburgh and the Humanist Society will be gearing up for another year of activities. You can find them manning a stall at the Freshers’ Fair, this Wednesday and Thursday  at the Pleasance Societies Centre and and on Wednesday they’ll be wandering around trying to get people to take part in a Prayer Contest (pick a deity, make a prayer, roll the dice, closest number wins!). Then on Saturday, they will be climbing Mount Improbable, walking up Arthur’s Seat and discussing the evolutionary time line as they go. Look out for them at the Chaplaincy Fair on Tuesday too.

Happy reading and see you back here in a week!