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Erika Moen and Not Believing

I recently ordered a pile of comics from the ever interesting and cool Erika Moen and discovered the short, humorous tale of how she stopped believing in God. Erika Moen writes autobiographical comics dealing with episodes from her life and personal issues such as sexuality and relationships. She has a nice, fluid drawing style with great expression and recently won three awards at the Stumptown Comics Fest 2008 (Outstanding Debut, Outstanding Writing and Outstanding DIY). The content can be quite mature and sometimes quite graphic but it’s all served up with a good helping of humour and brutal honesty. A few days later, I bought the first volume of the Flight anthology which showcases talented young comic artists and. lo and behold, there she was with a piece about wishing that she could believe and have ‘faith’.

The God story is here and, if you’re interested, her online diary comic is here.

Family Man

This is just a little note to say that I’m really enjoying the ongoing graphic novel ‘Family Man‘ created by Dylan Meconis. It’s the story of a rebellious young scholar in 18th Century Germany, who has been refused his theology doctorate because he no longer believes. We join our hero when he has come back home to his family and is wondering what to do next. The story is building up steadily at the moment (currently on chapter 2) and there’s a new page every week. The attention to detail is wonderful and her character designs are, well, full of character! If the idea of an unlikely protagonist with an inquiring mind and intellectual passion appeals to you, then take a look here.